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A democratic haven for builders

Aftersignals empowers builders to share their technology for seamless integration with any process from any business. Aftersignals Community brings all builders together, for knowledge sharing, building resources, offering professional services, and much more.


The CODE coin

We are issuing our own coin on the main distributed networks - i.e. ERC20, BSC20 and CRC20 - to enable us to seamlessly distribute part of the company shares. Coins can be seamlessly swapped for platform usage, or saved for long-term investment in Aftersignals' future. Coin purchases help us finance our company operations, and the nature of the networks our coins are in enable us with true transparency of our financial status.


Democratic Roadmap

We are setting up a coin staking program for investors that want to actively participate in the company's most vital decisions and roadmap priorities. Staking coins give you the ability to vote for these decisions, and have a voice in the direction Aftersignals should take.


Marketplace Providers

Community members can offer their services and expertise to Aftersignals customers, that can seamlessly integrate it into their Apps or Processes, streamlining relationships with feature providers. This creates a network of vertical experts that directly interact with their end customers, with the community as the only intermediary. Jobs are immediately conciliated by the Platform using requester's coins.


Democratic Republic of Developers

Our end game is to make our company more democratic, with a healthy and active community that benefits from simplified technology providing and consumption channels, and that wisely governs the direction of the business to adapt it best to ever-evolving builder needs. 

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