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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to Aftersignals blog! This being one of our first posts, we thought it may be worthy to do a walk-through of what Aftersignals is, why we built it, and what possible benefits you may get by using it.

Build Apps with zero code.

The main feature the platform offers you is the capability of designing, building and publishing Apps, using as low as zero code, and reducing the time-to-market of Apps about an 80% from traditional App development. It does so by bringing you a visual interface where you can arrange the appearance, structure and behavior of your apps.

Aftersignals Editor Preview

Aftersignals offers you a catalog of components to choose from, that you can simply drag on the screen. This is no different from any other low-code tools you may have used before, and functioning should be quite intuitive. You can just arrange your content as you wish, and have a structure ready in no-time.

Preview of dragging components

Connect your Apps with anything.

Once you are happy with the structure of your App, is time to configure it to show some real stuff, and enable it to handle customer interactions to do something meaningful.

Aftersignals Apps are designed to connect with anything you care about, for which you want to either show data in your App, or enable interactions from it. You can connect to any standard REST API, connected device and external data sources.

This connectivity features empower you to create Apps that interact with any of your existing devices and services, to create a full context of your business processes in one place. You can reduce process duplication or tedious service-integration activities to a minimum, and focus on what brings value to your business.

App Intelligence

With App Intelligence you can configure your components to handle customer actions and react with your configured logic, allowing you to configure meaningful interactions for your customers, potentially involving several of your services. You can add conditions, custom events, and execute any operation you want!

Configure component Actions

Events (coming soon)

Events are the inbound connection to Aftersignals from the external world. With Aftersignals events, you can configure your external systems to submit notifications to Aftersignals whenever something occurs, and use such notifications to trigger any logic execution, or show real-time event information in your Apps.


Most Apps you'd build will somehow interact with data. While you can connect any external service to Aftersignals to fulfil those goals, you can also just leverage our built-in capabilities for data storage.

Aftersignals Variables helps you manage your own data stores, and use storage capabilities anywhere in your Apps.

Aftersignals Variables

Identity Providers

When you publish your Apps to your customers or internal users, they would need to authenticate in the Apps using their credentials. With Identity Providers you can configure Single Sign On for your Apps.

Automate your business processes (coming soon)

Building Apps help you reach your customers faster, interact with them in meaningful ways, and manage any connection you need to fulfil your desired processes. However, your business may need to execute processes regardless of any incoming customer interaction.

Aftersignals Workflows Preview

Aftersignals Workflows leverages the same logic design engine built for your Apps to empower you to create cloud logic that would execute in reaction to any of your incoming events. With Workflows, you can create completely automated activities to be ran in response to what happens in your business, reducing to a minimum the needs of manual process execution.

What may I gain from using it?

The purpose of Aftersignals is to alleviate the heavy-lifting it takes to create, build and maintain software applications, and to help you own your digital transformation journey, keeping the focus on bringing value to your business.

The knowledge required for application development is large, ever changing, and completely unrelated to most vertical knowledge needed to drive businesses of any kind. Aftersignals tries to reduce these horizontal knowledge needs and bring you intuitive, user-friendly solutions for your application development.

Save 80% on App Development

Using Aftersignals for the development of your Apps can save you up to 80% time and effort from traditional development, enabling you to have your app ready in a few weeks, instead of months. These savings can grow higher as you start leveraging Aftersignals for creating more Apps.

Reduce feature duplication

As your App portfolio grows, traditionally you'd have to deal with feature duplication, or to operate your own dependency management system to avoid it. With Aftersignals, you can simply reuse components, templates, operations, anything, in any of your solutions.

Is it for me?

Aftersignals is not the only Low-Code/No-Code tool available in the market. Depending on your needs, you may find better fits out there.

If you are evaluating a tool for developing your solutions, check out these points. If you match any of them, Aftersignals may be a good fit for you.

  • You want to create solutions that need to interact with several external services.

  • You have existing services reachable by APIs.

  • You want to design Event-driven systems without coding.

  • You want to integrate several cloud solutions in one App.

  • You want a mechanism to prototype Apps quickly.

  • You are exploring different tools for your App development.

Get in touch

If you want to know more about our services, or whether they can fit your goals, reach out to us from our website or by email to We will be happy to schedule a demo, hear about your use cases, and see how we can best help you on them.

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